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NEW ENGLAND YOUTH CYCLING is an interscholastic cycling league that enables New England teens to strengthen body, mind, and character through the sport of cycling. We invite all students grades 5 - 12 to join!

About NEYC

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Who we are

The New England High School Cycling Association was founded in 2015.  We provide a high-quality mountain bike racing experience while emphasizing the value of all participants and placing camaraderie, positive sporting behavior and the cultivation of health over the competition. Our first races took place in the Spring of 2016 in NH, MA, and RI. Now in our sixth year, the league has over tripled in size to 1,000+ athletes and over 30 teams


Help support NEYC


As soon as they begin to learn new skills, feel improvement in their performance, and hear words of encouragement from coaches and teammates, a more confident kid may begin to emerge.


Lifelong Hobby

Cycling is a life-long sport. It’s not just a sport that’s done during high school.


Good Mentors

There’s nothing like a positive role model to help encourage and properly guide you through an endeavor.

Why join NEYC

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