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Trek/NEYC Bike Buy

  1. December 1st THRU December 31st

    • Bikes bought in one complete buy at the end of the buy period

    • Delivery of bikes expected mid-January- (or later based on model availability)

  2. Mountain Bikes and E Mountain Bikes - no limitation on the Mtb model - but cannot be Road/Hybrid etc

  3. 25% off MSRP

  4. Additional Discounts- At time of purchase of bike PAID IN FULL ONLY

    • 25% off Shoes/Helmets

    • Everything else at 20% off

  5. Financing options as well through Trek 0%/12 months

  6. DOES Not included Labor

  7. Active 2024 NEYC Athletes and Coaches and their immediate family members ONLY

  8. All must show their email registration confirmation – NO EXCEPTIONS

  9. Only available at participating NEYC Shops - Landry's, NBX and Riverside

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