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May 21, 2023


394 Pleasantdale Rd, Rutland, MA 01543

Treasure Valley

 *You must be a registered 2022 NEYC  member prior to registering for races  

General Info

Dogs are never allowed at any NEYC Events.  Please leave your dog at home - we will ask you to leave our event if you bring a dog.  Dogs and Mountain Biking DO NOT MIX.  No dogs at any NEYC Events!


Team Tent Area will be on a first come/first serve basis - located adjacent to start/line 

NO RIDING IN TEAM TENT AREA – this area is too small and too crowded for any riding - please walk your bikes!


All event parking is located within Treasure Valley. Please follow our NEYC signs. Parking is on a first come first serve - access to the field closed to START/FINISH is limited. Once the field is full - parking will move to the Campground.


There is NO CAMPING at any of our venues!  Please refrain from inquiring directly to our venues. Questions regarding our events and venues should be directed to your HEAD COACH or TEAM MANAGER.


We have specific rules in place at our NEYC Events.  We expect the rules of Wearing a Helmet, Not riding in Team Tent, Staying off the Course and not obstructing our athletes to be followed.  When a COACH or NEYC Director reminds you of these rules, we ask that you comply.  If you do not agree, cannot follow these rules or just do not care - we would ask that you not attend our events.  These rules are SIMPLE and for the safety of our athletes!


Please leave our venues cleaner than you found them including the COURSE, PARKING LOT, and TEAM TENT area. ALWAYS taking out what you brought in! Please do not litter! This is how we lose these great venues!


Athletes of NEYC, Coaches, Parents, Spectators MUST wear a buckled helmet when riding at an NEYC Events!  We expect anyone coming to an NEYC Event to follow this rule! If you cannot follow our rule and set an exceptional example for our athletes, then we ask you not to come.  WEAR A BUCKLED HELMET!

Race Info

Spectators, Coaches and Athletes not racing at the time - SHOULD NOT HAVE BIKES ON OUR COURSE AT ANY TIME!  This is dangerous!  Please respect the athletes racing and stay off the course during the races.  NEVER ride backwards on a course.


Check your athletes' results. Pass this to your family and friends who cannot make the event.  We use state-of-the-art chip timing.  Results are updated instantly!


There are three opportunities for athletes and coaches to pre-ride the course:
1. Saturday 5/14 at 4:00 PM
2. Sunday 5/15 at 6:30 AM
3. Sunday 5/15 at 11:30 AM


STAGING is based on overall RACE POINTS. Please check with your HEAD COACH. Parents are not permitted in our staging area. This area is strictly limited to coaches and athletes only.

Overall Points Standings:

Race Schedule


Questions? please contact your HEAD COACH!


Best regards,

Kathy Robbins

Founder and Executive Director - NEYC

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